More Programs


The HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME Program or HOME) is funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Authorized under the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act, the purpose of the program is to expand the supply of decent, safe, affordable housing and strengthen public-private housing partnerships between units of general local governments, public housing authorities, nonprofits, and for-profit entities.

Amy Young Barrier Removal Program

The Amy Young Barrier Removal (AYBR) Program provides one-time grants of up to $22,500 for Persons with Disabilities who need modifications to increase accessibility and eliminate hazardous conditions in their home. Program beneficiaries must include a Person with Disability, must have a household income that does not exceed 80% of the Area Median Family Income (AMFI), as defined by HUD for the HOME Program, and may be tenants or homeowners. 

Single Family Development Program (CHDO)

HOME provides funding to nonprofits certified as a Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) for the new construction or rehabilitation of affordable single family homes to be sold to qualifying lower income households

Contract for Deed Program (CFD)

The Contract for Deed (CFD) initiative funds units of general local governments, public housing authorities, local mental health authorities, and nonprofits wishing to assist colonia residents earning not more than 60% of the Area Median Family Income ("AMFI") with converting contracts for deed into traditional mortgages. Contract for Deed activities involve acquisition or refinance along with one of the following additional activities: (1) reconstruction or new construction of site-built housing; (2) Replacement of an existing manufactured housing unit (MHU) with a new MHU; and (3) Rehabilitation of colonia housing. 

Housing Reconstruction Assistance Assistant Program (HRA)

The Homeowner Reconstruction Assistance (HRA) program funds units of general local governments, public housing authorities, local mental health authorities, and nonprofits wishing to provide the following services under the Homeowner Reconstruction Assistance initiative: (1) Reconstruction of owner-occupied housing on the same site, (2) New construction of site-built housing on the same site to replace an existing owner-occupied manufactured housing unit (MHU), (3) Replacement and relocation of existing housing located in a floodplain to a new MHU or new construction of housing on an alternative site, or (4) New construction or a new MHU to replace a housing unit that has become uninhabitable as a result of disaster or condemnation by local government. 

Older Adults Home Modification Program (OAHMP- HUD)

The overall purpose of the Older Adult Home Modification Program (OAHMP) is to assist experienced nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, and public housing authorities in undertaking comprehensive programs that make safety and functional home modifications and limited repairs to meet the needs of low-income elderly homeowners. The goal of the home modification program is to enable low-income elderly persons to remain in their homes through low-cost, low barrier, high impact home modifications to reduce older adults’ risk of falling, improve general safety, increase accessibility, and to improve their functional abilities in their home. This will enable older adults to remain in their homes, that is, to “age in place,” rather than move to nursing homes or other assisted care facilities.

Texas Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (TEMAP)

TDHCA made CDBG CARES funds available through a competitive application process to cities, counties, local and regional nonprofits and regional organizations to provide mortgage assistance in their jurisdictions, service areas or target. Through TEMAP’s competitive process, local service providers will be awarded funds to assist homeowners at or below 80% of the Area Medium Income who have been economically impacted by COVID-19 to help provide housing stability during the pandemic.

Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF)

The Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) was established under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 to ease financial hardships associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Veterans Home Rehabilitation Program (HAC-Home Depot Program)

 The funds are part of The Home Depot Foundation’s Veteran Housing Grants Program, which was created to support the development and repair of housing for veterans. Too many American veterans and their families face major housing challenges, aggravated by issues like unemployment, age and service-related disabilities. The Home Depot Foundation is dedicated to giving back to those who have already given so much for our country.


Program to assist Veternas with Honorable Discharge or General Under Honorable Conditions; documented surviving spouses and dependents that meet FTV’s low- or very-low income status; or are VA determined disabled veterans. Beneficiaries must be listed on file with the County as current owner(s) of the property, and be current on existing mortgage/home equity loans to assist veterans and/or their families with home modifications, home repairs &/or weatherization of their property.