COLONIA Resiliency Program (Tu Cuentas!)

This Initiave will help AYUDA to develop a comprehensive resident database for households in the unincorporated areas, colonias and colonia like communities in El Paso County. The proposed database will filter needs by categories (and other variables) and will serve as the preliminary tool to identify families in need of new or existing programs. AYUDA will then utilize its promotoras to contact families in need of the service and to assist in determining program eligibility. As a nonprofit entity, AYUDA is the ideal custodian of resident information to identify residents as funds for various categories of need become available. With over 20 years of community experience and the trust it has built with residents, families will feel more comfortable knowing that their information will not be shared with governmental entities, and would only be used by AYUDA to assist them.

This initiative is funded by El Paso County. One of the County’s goals in its Strategic Plan is to advance community support services to meet the needs of the most vulnerable, reduce poverty and increase social mobility. This program would help close the information gap that exists as it would obtain easily accessible information to quickly formulate lists of prospective clients for various programs and services. Another goal in the Strategic Plan is to promote collaboration and engagement for delivering improved results, delivery of best-in-class services and building strong relationships to promote better outcomes. AYUDA is and has been a successful partner with the County on several of its projects and strategies. It currently is the administrator of the County’s TDHCA HOME Single Family Program.